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Lords of the Sound
23 May 2024

Lords of the Sound

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51-94 GBP

New Theatre
46 Broadway, Peterborough PE1 1RS
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About the show

Music of the brilliant Hans Zimmer performed by the orchestra in Peterborough!

On May 23, 2024, the New Theatre in Peterborough will be transformed into a movie world through the music of the outstanding contemporary composer Hans Zimmer, as the incredible Lords of The Sound Symphony Orchestra performs the soundtracks to the films created by the genius.

The music program "The Music of Hans Zimmer" is filled with compositions from films that have become cult, on the one hand, because of the music. It is the musical accompaniment of the film that helps to reveal individual scenes, add mood and depth, and without music, it would be difficult to call a movie complete.

Listening to Hans Zimmer's music performed by the symphony orchestra is like a journey into the world of his work, so buy tickets for the concert "The Music of Hans Zimmer" in Peterborough on our website and go to the musical world of the famous composer together with Lords of The Sound.

Concert of the symphony orchestra Lords of The Sound!

The most famous compositions of Hans Zimmer will be performed for you by the musicians of the unsurpassed Lords of The Sound orchestra together with Yaroslav Radionenko and Yaroslava Taran, who will perform solo parts from the works, under the direction of the magnificent Shahrokh Fakhizadeh.

Among the many compositions, they will perform soundtracks from the films Gladiator, Spider-Man 2, Inception, Interstellar, Dune, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl Harbor, Spirit, The Lion King, 007: A Time to Die and others.

All Lords of The Sound concerts with the music program "The Music of Hans Zimmer" can be viewed here - https://www.lordsofthesound.uk

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